Here at Creative Interactions, we are passionate about all things Moroccan – the language, culture, cuisine, people and places. And we want to share that passion with you through this blog. We want to create opportunities for people around the world to connect, learn and experience the rich culture of Morocco.

How can you be part of this? Well, you might be visiting as a tourist, or you are an expatriate living and working in Morocco, or even a local Moroccan interested in language and culture. We welcome you to check out the different services we offer to give you a deeper encounter.

Or you might be an armchair traveller who is simply interested in Morocco – you can connect with us through this blog as we share our experience and insight into this rich culture. And who knows, you might be tempted to make time, save up and take a trip to see and experience for yourself all that Morocco has to offer.


So whether you connect with us online or in person, we invite you to journey with us and we hope you will be mesmerised and inspired as we explore together all things Moroccan!

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