Language Learning: Motivation and Ability

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To complete any task, there are two factors to evaluate: motivation and ability. Do you have the motivation? Great! What about the ability? Hmm. Or perhaps you have the ability, and not the motivation?

IMG_2046Here at Creative Interactions, we cannot supply the motivation, but we can encourage you to develop it! We believe that speaking the local language is essential in order to connect with all the locals you will meet on your travels. Everywhere you go, there are opportunities to connect with Moroccans: in taxis, hotel lobbies, town squares, trains, etc. Morocco is rife with opportunities to connect, but do you have the tools to make those connections?

IMG_3899Have you ever looked a simple problem in the face — a closed door, for example — and thought, “How easy this would be, if I only had the key.”

At Creative Interactions, we can supply the key to open locked doors. But, of course, if you are not convinced that language and cultural savvy will enrich your experience, then the door will remain closed. We can supply the key; we can’t force you to take it! As for ability, who can’t grab a key and put it in the lock? Moroccans are friendly and gracious when foreigners speak their language. This is not a door that requires endless jiggling and shoving and oiling to get it to move on its hinges. In fact, if you have that key in your hand, a friendly passer-by may well help you to open the door!

Back to the start: Do you have the motivation to learn Darija and make your travels more than a superficial tour? If so, we have the tools to enable you to unlock the language. Sign up for one of our Curious Explorer course today – [email protected].

Included is a cooking demonstration — we won’t withhold your tajine even if you butcher the Arabic glottal stop (otherwise none of us would be eating)!


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