Land of Many Languages

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Moroccans are gifted in languages. From childhood they are multi-lingual. In school, they learn Modern Standard Arabic and French; at home, they speak the Moroccan Arabic dialect or Tamazight. In the north of Morocco, many speak Spanish as well. English is also becoming more popular especially among the younger generation.

Moroccans working in the tourism industry pick up words, phrases and especially greetings, in many different languages, often not through formal classes but through interaction with tourists. Isn’t it amazing to hear taxi drivers, tour guides and stall owners in Jemaa El Fna greet you in your own language?

At Creative Interactions, we believe that a little goes a long way in terms of using just a few simple phrases of local language to connect and go deeper.

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Here are some of the comments we received from participants in our workshops:

 “Getting to know a bit of Arabic phrases and Moroccan culture helped a lot to travel through the country.” Philipp, Germany


“We were given a very enthusiastic introduction to Moroccan Arabic and culture, which meant we could easily and more enjoyably travel around and interact with locals.” Krijen, Denmark


“It was fun to put some of our Arabic into practice. The locals loved that we had learned some of the language!” Jason, USA

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